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Here's 2 stories I've had on my website that I read off for you - both a bit whimsical.

Two tales of the End of the World - a play on the old "go out with a bang or a whimper."

The thoughts of someone...or something sitting down to an anticipated meal. #flashfiction #shortstory

A fictional journal of an everyman during a pandemic. Work in progress, updates weekly.
Day 10: Happy & Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows
Day 11: I Hear You Knocking
Day 12: Same River

So this happened a few years ago when I encountered someone who decided the change room at the gym was the "bestest" place to start preaching. And how I used a 70s pop song to randomize the guy.

Also, here's the link to the song itself!

A list of 14 Summer activities in the era of COVID-19 from NPR and my thoughts on them. Here's the link to the original article. 

A fictional journal of the COVID-19 pandemic. Work in progress, but I will attempt to weave a storyline out of the thoughts of someone experiencing this event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Song for Day 8: Calling all Angels
Song for Day 9: ITEOTWAWKI

A speculative fiction which could be seen as a warning to the #karens and #dicks of the world - do not piss off essential workers during a pandemic. It will end badly for you. 

A fictional journal of the COVID19 pandemic.
Song for Day 5: Bliss - Absence of Fear
Song for Day 6: Bliss - Don't Look Back
Song for Day 7: Gloria Estefan - Conga
BONUS writers commentary at end of podcast.

Textus appearus! [waves magic wand - nothing happens]. Podcasticus recordium!! [waves wand more frantically, again nothing happens...."sigh..."]. Here's an original story about a magical college and an encounter with a Professor and one of his assistants, written and recorded using Muggle means, unfortunately (the Magic Box store was out of Glittering Octopi Ink). 

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