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This is inspired by a dream I had when I was hospitalized for COVID19 complications April 2021. This is an original work of fiction. 

In Canada, there are 2 ways to get legal cannabis - medical or recreational. What's the difference?

Review of the Pax Era vape system for cannabis distillates

In this case, "weird" meaning either "WTF did I just see" or slightly creepy and unexplained. While I clearly have issues with costumes, Halloween does bring out the weirdness in the world.

When some technicians work on creating a memory cocktail, they learn to be very careful about the ingredients.

A 10 minute intro to Cannabis.

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Here's 2 stories I've had on my website that I read off for you - both a bit whimsical.

Two tales of the End of the World - a play on the old "go out with a bang or a whimper."

The thoughts of someone...or something sitting down to an anticipated meal. #flashfiction #shortstory

So this happened a few years ago when I encountered someone who decided the change room at the gym was the "bestest" place to start preaching. And how I used a 70s pop song to randomize the guy.

Also, here's the link to the song itself!

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